mainly music


But you can join in with the online video sessions until things get back to normal.

I’m New to mainly music

Each mainly music has been designed for delight. The sessions are not entertainment – they are entertaining! You and your child will be invited to enter into the music and music activities, together. Key to your family’s mainly music experience will be participating together.

As the session progresses, you’ll find there are times when your child may not wish to participate. That’s okay. Children enter into the experience at their own pace. Sometimes they observe the entire session then stage a music time at home for their toys or siblings! Accept that they might hesitate before joining in; we won’t be phased by that. We encourage you to continue participating, while holding them close or modelling the enjoyment of the music and activity.

After the music portion of the session, your child will be provided with snacks and refreshments for their nourishment and then toys for them to play with. This is the time for child to learn to sit and eat, then socialise with others who are sure to become friends. Accept that your child’s behaviour might not model what you had hoped. That’s okay. We all have off days! Feel free to ask for help from the local team realising that we all have these parenting moments.

While your child plays, you’ll be offered a drink and snack too. This is the moment for you to enjoy the company of others who are in the midst of the early childhood years’ stage. This time has been provided for you to build friendships, finish sentences(!), and relax.

Over the session time, your child will be learning and developing; starting on and building up their knowledge of colours and numbers, expressing their imagination, finding enjoyment in the educational moments, laughing at the puppets and participating in group activities. The content of the sessions has been selected so that your child will grow and for you to grow as a parent. Take advantage of this opportunity to stop and focus on each other.

Foundational to the mainly music experience is the support and encouragement provided by the local volunteer team who are comprised of people from the local partnering church. Many have access to other support mechanisms, like counselling, meals, baby sitting and a listening ear. Their focus is for you to find friendship and encouragement and for mainly music to be a highlight in your week.

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